Monday 7/29 & Tuesday 7/30

We are pleased to offer two workshops at Mines the Monday and Tuesday before NASSCC. The workshops will be running in parallel so you may only attend one workshop. Lodging and food will be included in the cost of workshop registration. Please see the information below regarding workshop objectives and registration.  


Remember, workshop registration is a separate cost from the conference registration. Please see the options for workshop registration below. Registration for both can be found under the ‘Registration’ tab.


Workshop One

Defects in Functional Materials: Theory and Experiments


Learning Objectives:
  • Analyze defect diagrams to predict defect concentrations as a function synthetic conditions
  • Reliably control synthetic conditions to achieve desired defect concentrations
  • Compare different characterization techniques and their abilities to observe and distinguish defects
  • Explain the impact of defects on specific material properties (eg electronic, ionic, thermal transport)

Workshop Two

Big Data and Machine Learning


Learning Objectives:
  • Identify materials science problems that can be solved with machine-learning approach.
  • Construct machine-learning models with graphical user interface programs (no prior programming experience required).
  • Compare different machine-learning approaches and their abilities to solve various types of problems.
  • Explain the impact of machine-learning on chemistry, physics, and materials science.


Workshop Costs and Perks!

All workshop registrations include provided meals. For specifics about registration types and meals provided, please scroll down past workshop costs. As a reminder, the NASSCC general registration is a separated cost and more information can be found here. 

Cancellation policy: Registration is transferable to another person in the event you can not attend. Full cancellations will not be refunded. 

Type of Registration Workshop Cost* Housing Provided? Meals Provided?
On-Campus Student** $210 Yes!  Yes! 
Off-Campus Student** $120 No! Yes! 
 On-Campus Faculty $230 Yes!  Yes! 
 Off-Campus Faculty $120 No! Yes! 

* Reminder: This does NOT include NASSCC General Conference Registration

** Valid Student-ID will be required at check-in. Post-Docs are considered students.


Please review the NASSCC registration page before registering to the workshops. 

Registration is now Closed

Registration is now closed! We are excited to see you all at NASSCC 2019!

Food Provided!

All registrations include provided meals. Curious as to which meals are provided? See the table below. No matter your registration type, these meals will be included! 

  Sunday (7/28) Monday (7/29) Tuesday (7/30) Wednesday (7/31)
Breakfast   X X  
Coffee and Snacks   X X  
Lunch   X X  
Dinner   X    


  • Off-campus registrations: will be in charge of their own lodging accommodations. Check out the Lodging Website for nearby options! 
  • On-campus student registrations: will be provided with a shared-room in Maple Hall Dorms on campus (twin bed). The room will share a bathroom with an adjoining double room. Linens will be included. Check out the Mines Website for a map of the campus! 
  • On-campus faculty registrations: will be provided with a single (non-shared) room in Maple Hall Dorms on campus (twin bed). The room will share a bathroom with an adjoining single room. Linens will be included. Check out the Mines Website for a map of the campus! 

Lodging Dates Provided for On-Campus Registrants: 

  Sunday* (7/28) Monday (7/29) Tuesday (7/30)

Wednesday** (7/31)

On-Campus Workshop Registrants 

Check-in: 3pm-6pm

X X Check-out ~10am

* Baggage drop off will be available for those arriving before 3pm

** For those staying for NASSCC, checkout will not be required